Definition - What does Viniculture mean?

Viniculture is the study and science of the production of grapes and the making of those grapes into wine. It should not be confused with oenology, which is more specific to the study of winemaking and wine itself. It is also not synonymous with viticulture, which is the study of the agricultural side to vine-growing and the harvesting of grapes.

WineFrog explains Viniculture

Viniculture is the study and the science of growing grapes and making wine from grapes. There are many fields of study that are involved with the wine industry. Others that might be more familiar are oenology and viticulture. While the former focuses more specifically on the process and science of wine and winemaking, the later focuses on the vine, the vineyard and vineyard management.

Therefore, some might say that viniculture is a combination of the two, though not as far in depth as they would be to study separately. However, most winemakers may be considered viniculturalists, as many of them include their work both in the vineyard and the winery.

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