Vinted By

Definition - What does Vinted By mean?

"Vinted by" is often information found on a wine label. It is information for the consumer saying that the winery purchased the wine in bulk from another wine estate and bottled it themselves. It is more than likely that a wine with such a label is not one of high quality and should be consumed while it is young.

WineFrog explains Vinted By

Text found on wine labels such as "Vinted by", "Made and Bottled by", "Produced, Grown and Bottled by," is information for the consumer so they know how much the winery on the label was involved with the making of the wine in the bottle.

In the case of "Vinted by", this means that the winery had no hand in the making of the wine contained in the bottle. It was made by another wine house or blended by another wine house and then sent to the listed winery on the label and then bottled.

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