Definition - What does Vintner-Grown mean?

"Vintner-grown" says that the wine was made from a winery who owned their own vineyard found outside of their delimited viticulture region. This wording can sometimes be found on wine labels to inform consumers what they are purchasing and the origin of the grapes. This label is usually indicative of a quality wine.

WineFrog explains Vintner-Grown

There are many wineries throughout the world who own various vineyards in various locations. Some of these vineyards may not be on the same estate as the winery itself. They may even be in different appellations or regions.

The wine made from grapes of vineyards' outside of the winery's location are "vintner-grown". This also indicates that the wine was made by the same winery and the same vintner. The viticultural area which is outside of the location of the winery is usually indicated on the label.

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