Vitis Aestivalis

Definition - What does Vitis Aestivalis mean?

Vitis aestivalis is also known as the summer grape and the pigeon grape. It is native to the regions of Ontario, Oklahoma, Maine, Florida, Texas and Missouri, where it is the state grape. It is a sort of wild vine that can grow up to ten meters, climbing into trees. It is the oldest known American grape species that is still used in commercial production.

WineFrog explains Vitis Aestivalis

The Vitis aestivalis grape has been noted to be the oldest grape variety species of America which still remains in production for making wine. The vine is very hardy and can grow up to ten meters and is known to climb into high trees. It is highly prized for its natural ability to resist disease.

For wine production, the grape has certain characteristics as low acidity with a good tannin structure and "wild" aromas and flavors.

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