Definition - What does Chateaux mean?

Chateaux or Château, is a French term for a wine estate. It is most often used in the region of Bordeaux. In the European Union, the term Chateau refers to a place that has a sole purpose of producing wine. More specifically, it denotes wineries which use grapes from the single vineyard of their property.

WineFrog explains Chateaux

Historically, the term Château was a mansion or palace where the French nobility would find refuge during times of war or if their political activity was threatened. Post wartime, it was used to recognize wine estates, more so, wine estates who did not purchase grapes for winemaking outside of their property.

In the US, winemakers are allowed to use the name chateau as brand marketing. There are no limitations connected with the term and it is not a sign of quality or otherwise. It can be used for any wine.

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