Definition - What does Decadent mean?

Decadent is an adjective reserved for wines which are rich on many levels.

The aroma and bouquet of these wines are often deep and rich with many layers. On the palate, they are full of flavor and the finish is also rich and velvety. This is a term used mainly for full-bodied red wines and some full-bodied white wines.

WineFrog explains Decadent

Describing a wine as decadent is synonymous with describing it as opulent and rich. These are wines which have typically undergone lengthy barrel aging and/or bottle aging. This is rarely an adjective used to describe a young wine.

When a dessert is described as decadent, it is rich, sometimes sweet and maybe a bit savory. Like a chocolate mousse or a rich cheesecake. They coat an individual's palate and linger a long time in the finish. This can be said the same for a decadent wine.

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