Double Decanting

Definition - What does Double Decanting mean?

Double decanting is a way of decanting a wine into a decanter, also filtering out any possible sediment and then replacing the wine back in its original bottle. This is a way to enhance the wine, as the decanting takes place twice; once when it is poured into the decanter and twice, when the wine is back in its bottle.

WineFrog explains Double Decanting

Double decanting is a manner of decanting in order to maximize the immediate potential of a wine. A wine which is decanted is improved and for some, more quaffable when a wine is decanted. For older wines, this is often done with a fine sieve to remove any sediment.

In double decanting, the wine bottle is then rinsed with water and then further rinsed with a small amount of the wine. Then the wine is returned to its original bottle.

For some young wines with significant structure, this may be beneficial. However, with older, more valued wines, this might be excessive and even damaging to the wine.

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