Definition - What does Forward mean?

If a wine is described as forward, this means that the wine is ready to consume. However, more specifically, it is used to describe a wine which was expected to be ready to drink much later on. If a wine is ready for consumption sooner than its expectation date, it is said to be "forward".

WineFrog explains Forward

Using "forward" as a description for wine should not be confused with another term, "fruit-forward". This means that the wine is especially strong in fruity notes, having a depth of aroma and taste in different fruits. These are rich wines and it can be seen as a positive or negative trait, depending on the consumer.

"Forward", however is used to describe an exceptional wine which is showing balanced maturity before its time. Some wines are estimated to need for example, five years of bottle aging in proper conditions. However, it is often a common practice for a collector to have a few bottles of the same wine. If a bottle is opened within 3 years and it is ready to drink, it is a "forward" wine.

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