Definition - What does Mid-Palate mean?

The mid-palate denotes both a location on the palate and the sensation that is present during a wine tasting. The palate has several locations that are used when tasting wine, and the mid-palate is located in the center of the mouth. This is also where the mid-palate tasting sensation comes after the initial attack of the wine but before the finish.

WineFrog explains Mid-Palate

When a sip of wine enters the mouth, it is tasted in a specific order. The attack and finish are at the beginning and end of the sip, and the mid-palate is where the wine unfolds in the middle of the palate. The tastes in the middle palate are complex, and it is where the wine has a chance to show off its intense flavors and characteristics. It is here that the wine is able to reveal all the nuances and complexities it boasts. Some wine advocates state that the middle palate is the most important because after drinking a few sips of the wine – it is where the tastes stand out the most. When tasting wine, it is important to remember that the alcohol will numb the palate, therefore, there is a certain time period where the mid-palate nuances really come through.

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