Definition - What does Peppery mean?

Peppery is used to describe a wine with notes of pepper and is synonymous with other descriptors such as white pepper, black pepper, fresh ground pepper and spicy. Wines often associated with this character are found from the region of Rhone, France. It is also a signature note in aroma and flavor for Syrah/Shiraz.

WineFrog explains Peppery

The term "peppery" is used to describe a wine with pepper-like characteristics, and this may be present in a wine's aroma, bouquet and or finish. In some grape varieties, such as Syrah (aka Shiraz), a peppery note is often a naturally occurring trait imparted from its terroir, the soil composition in which the vines are grown and the maturity level of the fruit. "Peppery" is rarely a descriptor noted in white wines, but mainly in red.

The use of oak aging in toasted barrels, combined with the natural flavor and aroma elements of the wine, may also result in a wine with a peppery profile.

A wine that is peppery may also be described as having notes of peppercorns, pepper steak and fresh-ground pepper.

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