Definition - What does Polished mean?

In the tasting analysis of a wine, to say that a wine is polished is indicating that the wine is refined. Such polished wines are soft and rounded with notes of elegance that come from careful aging. When speaking of red wines, the tannin characteristics are soft, supple and even on one's palate. A polished white wine is one which has matured with well-rounded perfumes of fruit and/or floral essences and is easy on the palate.

WineFrog explains Polished

To say that a wine is polished, refers to a wine which has been matured and carefully aged and/or cellared in an ideal environment. A polished wine rarely speaks of a wine in its youth. However, it takes a balanced, young wine to create a wine with the potential for a well-aged "polished" wine. In order to have a refined wine in its aging, a young wine must possess a balance in its acidity and fruit, balanced alcohol and/or tannin structure.

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