Slow Oxidation

Definition - What does Slow Oxidation mean?

Slow oxidation is the theory that by removing the cap or cork of a wine bottle, it can slowly open up to the air to improve the taste and open the aromas and bouquet.

However, it has been proven that slow oxidation does not improve a wine, as the surface area exposed to the air is not sufficient.

WineFrog explains Slow Oxidation

If a wine must be exposed to air in order to improve it, the method of slow oxidation by simply removing the closure on the bottle is not enough.

A wine must be properly decanted into a serving vessel in order for it to breathe and improve the aromatics and bouquet, its flavors and finish. A glass decanter with a wide base will do, but if you have a simple water pitcher that can also be enough. The wider volume of such a container allows for a greater surface area of the wine to be exposed to air. It also allows enough room to swirl the wine so that it can be more evenly exposed.

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