Vin de Paille

Definition - What does Vin de Paille mean?

Vin de Paille is French for "straw wine." This style of wine is sweet and made with grapes that have been allowed to dry on straw mats in order to decrease their juices while increasing sugar levels.

These wines are specifically from the region of Jura in France and made from a blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes.

WineFrog explains Vin de Paille

North of Alsace on the eastern side of France, is a small wine region named Cotes du Jura. The region is mainly known for making dessert-style wines, Vin de Paille.

These wines are only made from the ripest vintages, and the wines are made by harvesting grapes and allowing them to be placed inside in a ventilated room on straw mats where they will stay for three months. The final wine will have 10-20% residual sugar.

Its signature aromas are of stone fruit, like apricots or peaches.

Locally, it is paired with foie gras.

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