Definition - What does Vignoble mean?

A vignoble is what the French refer to as a wine growing area. This includes the smallest part of a vineyard sometimes classified in rows or single vineyards from larger areas of vineyards, wine-growing appellations, sub-regions and main wine-producing regions. It also includes other elements which encompass a vineyard, such as its terroir.

WineFrog explains Vignoble

The direct translation from French to English of vignoble is "vineyard". However, the term is much broader than this as it can be any grape-growing area or plantation of grape-bearing vines. The vines may be cultivated for winemaking, but also for non-alcoholic wine, raisins and table grapes.

As a broader term, vignoble also refers to the overall concept of a vineyard which includes its climate, soils, geography and its terroir; its "sense of place". A vignoble has its own individual essence.

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