Definition - What does Woody mean?

Woody is an adjective used to describe a wine that is especially dominant in oak character and the nuances which oak imparts can impart into wine. It may have overwhelming notes of smoke, toast and more. If these notes overpower the wine, making other fruit and terroir unnoticeable, the wine is out of balance.

WineFrog explains Woody

If a wine is "woody", this is a flaw. It can not be corrected by aging the wine. Sometimes this can be overwhelming in a wine's aroma or bouquet and even more so on the palate. A woody wine is often out of balance in its tannin profile.

This can occur if the winemaker chose the incorrect barrel or barrel toast for a certain wine.

There are three categories of woody wines:

1. Burned

2. Phenolic

3. Resinous

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