Definition - What does Cellar mean?

A cellar is a location used to age and store wine. These can be simple designs like a wooden rack in a basement of a home, or they can be elaborate warehouses that are temperature-controlled. There are also cellars that store hundreds of bottles of wine which are kept in dark, cool, still climates.

WineFrog explains Cellar

There are different types of cellars located all around the world. The best location for cellars are underground, as it provides the cool climates and stillness that is needed to keep the wine aging appropriately and undisturbed. Depending on the varietal, some wines can be aged for years before they are mature enough for drinking. Humidity is also needed to keep the wine and cork from drying out, which could expose the wine to oxygen preventing proper aging.

For those who may want to start collecting wine, but don’t have a designated room or basement, they can still age wine in portable cellaring units. Wine can be store in the home if it is kept in a cold area or in a refrigerated wine cabinet, which can mimic cellar conditions. To keep cellars organized, it is important to come up with a labeling system that can show when the wine was bought and how long it has been aging.

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