Definition - What does Elevage mean?

Élevage is a French term that, when applied to wine, means to “bring up” or “raise”, implying the complex processes and work needed to bring out wine's characteristics, qualities, and potential. Élevage describes the parts of the wine making process as a form of maturation from grapes to wine including, fermentation, storage, aging and bottling.

WineFrog explains Elevage

Élevage expresses the great care taken during the finer processes of wine making, like purification and barrel-aging between fermentation and bottling. It is a positive term denoting beneficial winemaking practices and the careful attention of the winemaker. Élevage also emphasizes the winemaker or vineyard manager’s expertise and attention to the specific processes that a quality wine must go through. The French term implies that there are education-like stages that each fine wine must complete with the help of an expert nurturer.

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