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Definition - What does Est! Est!! Est!!! mean?

Est! Est!! Est!!! is an Italian wine region that is centrally located in Latium in the province of Viterbo and centered on the commune Montefiascone where 1,000 of the acres can qualify for the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) designation. The region is historically known for its blended dry white wine (that carries the same name), but today it produces very small batches of Est! Est!! Est!!! and has a wine tourism industry rather than wine exportation.

The wine itself has varied reviews but is mostly mild, aromatic with high acidity and an apple flavor that is paired with dishes of Roman origin like artichokes or fritto misto.

WineFrog explains Est! Est!! Est!!!

The unusual name of Est! Est!! Est!!! comes from the 12th century where a German scout was touring Italy and was instructed to write Est! (meaning “there is” in Latin) on the doors of inns with high quality wine. When he entered an inn located in Montefiascone, he was so impressed he wrote Est! Est!! Est!!!, and it was just north of Rome that this region and wine was designated. The scout alerted his bishop Johann Fugger, and upon trying the impressive wine, he remained in the region until his death.

Today, it is mostly known as a region that produces the value white wine that is mostly made of Trebbiano Toscano, Trebbiano Giallo and Malvasia Bianca. The batches made now have a nutty, spicy character with musky aromas and a raw almond finish. There are four styles ranging from still to sparkling, spumante, amabile, abboccato and secco and even a passito style that is produced by using grapes with noble rot. The region is bordered by the Apennines mountains on the east side and the ocean to the west, it has dry summers with long sunny days and cooler, rainy winters.

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