Definition - What does Fruit mean?

All grapevines produce a flowering cluster which turns into a fruit during the summer season. This fruit, known as grapes, is a berry and matures over the warm summer months and is ready for harvesting in the fall. After the harvest, this fruit can be made into wine, dried into raisins and depending on the type of grape, eaten raw as a delicious snack.

WineFrog explains Fruit

Vine fruits like the grape grow on wooden vines and climb via tendrils to reach forest canopy’s or the top of commercial trellis systems. The fruit of the vine has a berry-like structure that is round and firm with juice and meat contained within a tight outer skin. The inside of the fruit usually contains seeds unless the grapes are for eating and the fruit is hybrid like Thompson’s Seedless Grape.

When planting the grapes, it is common for the vines to take a few seasons to mature and may not produce fruit until they have been established for a couple of years. Grapes are a long-season crop, typically thriving in climates with long summers and cool winters, but different varieties of grapes can be suited for nearly all climate types. Also, the type of grapevine fruit will determine what the fruit is used for after harvesting.

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