Definition - What does Gewurztraminer mean?

Gewürztraminer is a white wine varietal known for its unique aroma and finish. "Traminer" in German translates as "spicy," a descriptor which is synonymous with this grape and the wines made from it. It is one of the noble wines from the region of Alsace, France, and it is also widely recognized in Germany and Austria. Gewürztraminer wines range in style from semi-sweet to sweeter dessert wines.

WineFrog explains Gewurztraminer

Gewürztraminer, a white wine varietal, originates from Alsace, France. It is also highly cultivated in Germany and Austria and other parts of the New World. The style of wine often depends on where it is made. It may also depend on the ripeness level of the fruit when harvested.

Some wines may have aromas and/or flavors of grapefruit if made with grapes of low maturity. Other wines range in aromas/flavors from lychee and pineapple, to passion fruit if made from mature grapes. Rose petal is also a signature aroma for Gewürztraminer.

The aroma or finish of a Gewürztraminer may have notes of ginger, cinnamon, allspice and/or smoke. While these characteristics are often associated with aging wines in oak, these qualities are naturally inherent to the grape itself.

The acidity in the wine is fairly low, but mostly in-balance with its fruity and spicy characteristics. Gewurztraminer wines from most regions may range in dry to semi-sweet and dessert wines, sometimes they are made with grapes that have been infected with noble rot (botrytis cinerea). The latter style will have notes of honey or honeycomb.

Gewürztraminer wines pair well with spicy Asian cuisine, slightly-aged, creamy cheeses, poultry and game fowl.

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