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New Zealand

New Zealand is located just off the coast of Australia and is considered to be one of the countries encompassing New World wine making practices and regions. Its balanced combination of soil, climate, and... (Read on)

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The Lost World of Old World Wines - Czech Republic

The first vineyards of the Czech Republic go back to the 3rd Century AD with Emperor Marcus Aurelius cultivating the first vineyards long before the Romans in the modern region known as Znojemska or Znojmo. It was in the 9th Century during the Great.... 
Climate Change and the Future of California's Wine Industry

It has been estimated that by 2100, there will be an 81% decline in "suitable vineyards for premium wine production". While that timeline will reach beyond most of our lives, our children and grandchildren are likely to feel the full brunt of such an eve 
How to Choose Wines for Your Cellar

There are 4 main characteristics that can help you determine if a wine can stand the test of cellaring and they are: alcohol content, residual sugar, tannins and acidity and PH... high tannins and alcohol and taste entirely too sweet, but given 5, 10, 20 
Patagonia: Argentina's Pinot Noir Paradise

While Pinot Noir grapes are grown in Mendoza, Argentina’s best-known wine region, it is in Patagonia that the variety truly thrives. Situated some 900 miles south of Mendoza, Patagonian grapes experience more wind in their lifetime. ... 
2016 Spring Wine Releases & Spring Food Trends

This Sauvignon Blanc pairs with anything from a fresh local goat cheese to some freshly made hummus (light on the garlic) with some pita chips..... You won't pay the Northern Coast prices for a good Pinot Noir from Santa Lucia Highlands (at least not yet 
Experiencing Mendoza with Adventure Consultants

Recently featured in the blockbuster film Everest, I caught up with Adventure Consultants’ General Manager of 20 years, Suze Kelly, during one of their tours in Mendoza.... 
How to Organize a Wine Tasting at Home

We are all familiar with Old World and New World wines, so the next thing to do would be to, for example, choose a varietal. Chardonnay from Burgundy is very different from a Chardonnay from California or Australia or New Zealand. If Chardonnay is in you 
Wine Apps Worth Trying

Wine Quick Picks is a free app available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app includes lists like, 100 Widely Available Store Wines and Top 25 Widely Available Bargain Wines... The Corkz app has a social media feature that lets you share ..... 
What to Expect On a Vineyard Tour

Even though wine grapes are an agricultural product, on a vineyard tour, you won’t feel as though you need to wear overalls and boots like farming hands. But it's a good idea to wear comfortable walking shoes so you can tour the grounds and countryside. 
From Vines to Vino: The Process of Making Wine

At a mid-sized vineyard in Tuscany, south of Florence, a group of vendemmiatori (pickers) gather for the day's production armed with roncolas (grape harvesting knives). Each selects a row and starts the tedious task of cutting the Sangiovese grapes from 
The New Generation of Champagne

The region of Champagne has a long-standing tradition on how winemakers conduct their craft. However, despite tradition, or rather in respect of it, it is often necessary for one to reinvent themselves. A new generation of wine drinkers are on their way 
8 Must-Read Wine Books of 2016

Benjamin Wallace discovers the sordid truth about an alleged bottle of wine owned by Thomas Jefferson that sold at a Christie’s auction for a record setting amount in 1985.... In this true story, about Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, Tilar J. Mazzeo tel 
Wonderful Washington Wine

A quick course in Washington Wine Regions and Varietals. Washington is making waves in the wine world! 
Introduction to Argentinian Wine

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world, with production dating back to the 16th century. Despite a near 500 year history of winemaking, the country has only gained recognition in the international market over the past twenty years 
Boxed Wine, Cans & Tetra Paks: The Future of the Wine Packaging

Wine shelves offer a wide selection of different types of wine packaging vessels... glass bottles - PET plastic bottles, boxed wine, Tetra Paks and even cans.... have positive environmental impacts as well as affordability. 
Thomas Jefferson's Top Wine Picks you Can Drink Today

Thomas Jefferson, an iconic figure in American History, a Founding Father of the country...Jefferson's meticulous record-keeping left behind a list of his favored wine picks; here's what the esteemed connoisseur enjoyed and his tasting notes... 
Food and Wine Pairings for Valentine's Day

Here are some great foods you can easily make for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, complete with wine pairings for each one - including desserts. 
How to Chose a Red Wine

Often, when asked what type of wine a person likes, a common response is "red" or "white". Red wine selections can ultimately be narrowed by color, varietal, region, blend or vintage. 
Predicted Wine Trends of 2016

According to Coravin, they believe people will be more interested in the background and story of the wine they drink, who made it and what their story is - is the wine organic, biodynamic, etc. The concept of a backstory bleeds into many industries... 
Fortified Wines: The difference between Marsala, Port & Sherry

Wines were originally fortified as a way to preserve them, so it would last longer before spoiling. The most well-known fortified wines are Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira and Vermouth... 
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Petit Verdot is a red wine varietal grown in the Bordeaux region in southwestern France. Petit Verdot is used in classic Bordeaux blends. Today this varietal can be... Read more 

Oak is a hardwood used to construct barrels, chips and powders in the wine industry in order to either store wine during fermentation or to age wine. Instead of... Read more 

Xarel-lo is a light skinned white wine grape varietal from the region of Catalonia in northern Spain. Though it can be used to make different wine varieties, it is... Read more 

Port is a type of fortified wine that was originally produced in the Duoro region of Portugal. Port wine gets its name from Oporto, Portugal. This type of wine has... Read more 

Pinot noir, also known as the red burgundy, is a grape variety used to produce the namesake red wine. Though it was originally produced it Burgundy, today it is... Read more 
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