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There are many different pests and organisms that harm or feed on another species, when it comes to grapevines in vineyards, this must be treated or prevented in order to produce a healthy yield at... (Read on)

Past Terms: Bordeaux MixtureSkinCourt of Master Sommeliers

The Regulated Wines of South African Viticulture

The wine of South Africa may be placed in the category of New World wines, however, this exotic country, found in the far expanses of the southern hemisphere, has been making wine for almost 400 years. Its classification system is known as Wine of Origin
How Malbec Came to be Argentina's New World Signature Wine

It may then come as a surprise to many to learn that Malbec is actually a French grape variety, brought over in the 1800s after The Great French Wine Blight caused by phylloxera. Today, 75% of New World Malbec is grown in Argentina.
Understanding Wine Varietals

Wine varietals are simply the type or types of grapes used to make wine, these are usually categorized by color and genetic familial traits.Varietals make the wine, while white grapes aren't used to make red wine, red grapes are used to make white wine.
What Is a Rose Wine?

What is Rosé Wine? A hybrid between white and red wine. Rosé is of French origin and can be dry or very sweet. The acidity of a rosé has the affinity to cut through and balance out fatty foods like our favorite picnic charcuterie or even a great quiche..
What Corked Means - and Other Tricky Wine Terminology

Corked wine simply means that the wine has been contaminated with cork taint via the presence of trichloroanisole or TCA.... Drinking a corked wine is not harmful in any way, but the wine will not smell or taste its best... Tannin is the characteristic..
Wine and Wood: Combining Tradition with New Techniques

Wines aged in oak barrels have a sophisticated and oaky set of flavors and aroma, but new-age techniques have reinvented the concept of introducing oak flavors into wine.
The Simple Side of Food and Wine Pairing

Wine pairing is essential to a great meal, learn which wines to pair with meats, pastas, sauces, fish, and even desserts and what rules to disregard.
How Sparkling Wine and Champagne are Made

What makes Champagne "Champagne" and how is it different from sparkling wine? Not all sparkling wine is Champagne, but all Champagne is sparkling wine because.....
In Defense of the Wine Cork

Cork is a traditional, eco-friendly material used to seal wine bottles. However, its reputation of leakage and tainting has lead to industry professionals preferring synthetic alternatives. Find out why we're in defense of the old wine cork!
An Exceptional Vineyard in the South of France

In the South of France lies the Abbey de Lerin, famous for its assortment of traditional wines. Producing red & white wines, these monks on St. Honorat have won prestigious awards for their creations.
The Basics of Storing (and Serving!) Wine

Wine temperatures during storage determine how a wine will taste. Find out which glasses are right for each particular wine!
How Do All Those Aromas and Flavors Get Into Wine?

Different wines can carry variations of similar aromas; fermentation processes, geographical vineyard properties and aging methods can influence these aromas. Learn about why your wine may taste earthy, fruity or tarty.
The Wine Fraud of Rose de Provence

Millions of consumers are being fooled by false rosé wine with the Provence label; some wines have been adulterated (addition of cheaper products) while others have completely fraudulent labelling, intentionally manufactured to mislead consumers.
Wine Tasting - Nose, Aroma or Bouquet?

Scents and smells attributed to wine are described by using various terms, the main three being nose, aromas and bouquet. Learn the basics here.
A Review of Wine Presses

Wine presses have evolved over the centuries and the process has provided winemakers with the mechanics possible to create great wine. Follow their history here.
Wine & the Ancient Roman Empire

Historical and religious writings reveal that wine existed as far back as Egyptian times, but instead it is the Ancient Romans that we have to thank for much of the wine that we enjoy today.
Best Italian Wine?  Ask the Sommeliers

With thousands of reds, whites and rosés to choose from, selecting Italian wine can be a daunting challenge. We reached out to prominent sommeliers and wine directors to pick the most laudable labels, and they responded with reliable recommendations.
Wine Museums & Theme Parks You Will Want to Visit

Where do wine thrill seekers or those seeking more wine knowledge go for a good time? They go to wine amusement parks and wine museums, of course. Wine museums not only educate us, they take us back in time so that we can experience the traditions and cu
What it Takes to be a Sommelier

Sommeliers often retain employment in medium to high level restaurants that carry a quality wine list. In other roles, sommeliers can assist private clients with stocking their cellars, work with event planners, work in hotels guiding diners on .....
Independence Day Wine Cocktails

Everyone knows about Sangria, and you probably even have a favorite recipe for it. And if you don't, then we have one on here for you, just in case... How to Prepare Apricot-Thyme Cocktail... The Basil-Blueberry Mixer...
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Austere is a descriptive adjective for a wine that is dry, unbalanced and not very drinkable. Rarely is the term used to describe a pleasant flavor in a wine. The... Read more

Court of Master Sommeliers was established in 1977 and is the premier testing association for Sommeliers in the world. It was established in order to encourage... Read more

Nitrogen is a non reactive, odorless and colorless gas . In winemaking, it is necessary for yeast as it contains the essential nutrients they feed on. It is... Read more

The Somm Guild, also called The Guild of Sommeliers is an international organization whose members are wine professionals and sommeliers. It is the purpose of the... Read more

In the analysis of a wine, medium-bodied is a term used to describe a wine which lacks the concentration of full-bodied wines. The four aspects which make up a... Read more
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