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Cafayate is a wine growing region in Northwest Argentina. It is located at the central zone of Calchaqui valley in the Salta Lake, Argentina at an altitude of 5,522 feet above sea level. Following Mendoza... (Read on)

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Salta, Argentina: Land of the Highest Vineyards in the World

he Province of Salta, Argentina is Cafayate, home of the highest vineyards of the world. However the vineyards here in Cafayate of Salta sit at and around 5,522 to over 6,000 feet (1,700 to 2,000 meters) above sea level.... 
What Does Dry Mean? A Beginners Guide to Wine Tasting Lingo

The dry characteristic of a wine is not a sensory characteristic, but a measure of the amount of residual sugar in the wine. Dry, Off –Dry, Medium Sweet, Sweet and Dessert are the terms used to measure the residual sugar in a wine after fermentation.... 
Grenache Magic: Subtle and Seductive

Wine producers and growers agree that when it comes to a warm-climate grape variety, one that is resistant, easy to grow and versatile, Grenache is one of the best. 
The Underestimated Wines of Alsace

Alsace is located on the upper eastern side, bordering Germany and Switzerland... Basically, a wine of the Alsace AOC on the label means that no less than 100% of the grape which is on the label is utilized in the wine. 
Pop The Cork or Saber? How to open Champagne safely and stylishly

Before you start, keep in mind that sparkling wines are under pressure, when you handle the wine keep the cork pointed in a clear direction, away from your face, other people’s faces, windows or fragile objects. 
Bring the New Year in with Bubbly: Champagne, Prosecco or Cava

What is the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, the difference is..... What is Prosecco and Cava? 
The History of Mulled Wine and How to Make It

Mulled wine has become a staple of our winter traditions...mulled wine actually dates back to ancient Greece where ... make your own special mulled wine blend with this recipe. 
Choosing Wines as a Gift

If you want to find a great red wine for under $25 consider an Argentinian Malbec, which is a smooth medium bodied red with flavors of plum, black cherry, cocoa and leather. 
Oak Barrel Substitutes in Winemaking

Oak barrel substitutes can include: Oak chips and chinks, oak staves, liquid oak and oak shavings and powder. Learn about what they are, why they are used, and how they influence wine. 
Christmas Wines to Pair with Everything from Gingerbread to Goose

Some of the wines we pair for Christmas are fortified wines, like Port and Sherry... A savory roast goose with its rich fatty meat pairs well with the deep stone fruit flavors and tannins in an Italian Barolo 
21 Unexpected - and Absolutely Amazing - Wine Pairings

We are all familiar with the classic food pairings of wine, and we’ve learned how to break the age old rule of red with red and white with white; But what happens when you want a glass of wine and either have no plans to make an extravagant meal? 
What Balance Means in Wine

You might remember that the aspects of wine affected by the oak elaboration were color, aromatics and body/texture. These elements are about to be discussed in further detail. 
How to tell the Difference Between Good and Bad White Wines

First have a look at the wine in the glass. Hold it up to some light, or with a piece of white paper behind your glass, if the color is brown, this white wine is past its age... 
How and Why Oak is Used in Wine Making

Oak is also coveted for its ability to retain liquids inside due to its tight grain yet possesses the ability to allow contents to "breathe". The oak barrel can remain "water-tight", however, its pores allow a certain controlled and desired controlled... 
Discover Artisan Wines - Venture Outside of Popularly Rated Wines

...puts too much emphasis on who rates what wine and how. While some ratings do, in fact promote wine and give credit where credit is due, there are often times a touch of personal taste or dare I say "politics" involved. 
How to Pick a Thanksgiving Wine

Part of feast planning includes meal pairings, so as soon as you’ve invited everyone and set your menu, you should be thinking about which wines you should serve to your guests to compliment your menu. 
Put Down the Sweet Red, How to Drink Fine Wine

while there isn’t anything wrong with drinking a glass of sweet red, sweet reds on their own won’t help you develop your wine palate. For that, you should pick up a bottle of fine wine.... 
Wine Labels 101: French Wine Labels

they would ask where it was from rather than what type of grape it was made from... By EU wine laws, there are only specific grapes that are permitted to be grown in each region... 
When to Decant a Wine - and the Best Gadgets to Do It

Knowing when to decant a wine can be tricky, these tips will help you decide on which wines to decant and why decanting is necessary in some wines. 
Wine Labels 101: German and Austrian Wine

While many of the wine labels from Austrian and German regions can be quite confusing...they do share a common language, wine culture and the manner in which they make their wines and how it is classified. 
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Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualite (INAO) is a French government wing that regulates French agricultural products based on geographical indications and... Read more 

A lesion is a small area of visibly dead plant tissue. Lesions tend to indicate when there is a problem with the vines. A wide variety of diseases, from fungi to... Read more 

A vineyard is an area where grapes are planted and grown largely for the purpose of producing wine. Vineyards are large estates where careful thought and... Read more 

Mendoza is one of the most prominent wine regions in the the world and the largest wine region in Argentina, producing 70% of the country‘s annual wine production.... Read more 

Cafayate is a wine growing region in Northwest Argentina. It is located at the central zone of Calchaqui valley in the Salta Lake, Argentina at an altitude of 5,522... Read more 
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