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Vin doux naturel

Vin doux naturel is a type of wine that has a natural level of sweetness. This is created through light fortification with a spirit being added to the wine before the end of the fermentation process,... (Read on)

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Wine Tasting 101

Follow these steps when tasting wines. Remember to slurp, swish, and swoosh wine to get the maximum flavor and use these terms for describing your experience. 
A Guide to Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are designed for specific wine styles, find out how to pair your wines to the right glass. 
Understanding Varietals

Varietals make the wine, while white grapes aren't used to make red wine, red grapes are used to make white wine. How then does white wine keep its color? 
What Is a Rose Wine?

What is Rosé Wine? A hybrid between white and red wine.... Rosé is a French.... Rosé wine can be dry or very sweet and.... 
What 'Corked' Means - and Other Tricky Wine Terminology

Ever wonder what corked means and what characteristics malic acid and tannin impart into wine? We've got it all explained here. 
Wine and Wood: Combining Tradition with New Techniques

Wines aged in oak barrels have a sophisticated and oaky set of flavors and aroma, but new-age techniques have reinvented the concept of introducing oak flavors into wine. 
How Sparkling Wine Is Made

What makes Champagne "Champagne" and how is it different from sparkling wine? Not all sparkling wine is Champagne, but all Champagne is sparkling wine because..... 
The Simple Side of Food and Wine Pairing

Wine pairing is essential to a great meal, learn which wines to pair with meats, pastas, fish, and even desserts and what rules to disregard. 
In Defense of the Wine Cork

Cork is traditional. Cork is eco-friendly. Fell the same way? Find out why we're in defense of the old wine cork! 
Wine Labels 101: California and U.S. Wine Labels

Ever wonder what everything on a wine label means? Get into this wine label 101 article to learn about percentages, regions, production information and regulations. 
An Exceptional Vineyard in the South of France

In the South of France lies the Abbey de Lerin, famous for its assortment of traditional wines. Producing red & white wines, these monks on St. Honorat have won prestigious awards for their creations. 
The Basics of Storing (and Serving!) Wine

Wine temperatures during storage determine how a wine will taste. Find out which glasses are right for each particular wine! 
How Do All Those Aromas and Flavors 'Get Into' Wine?

Different wines can carry variations of similar aromas; fermentation processes, geographical vineyard properties and aging methods can influence these aromas. Learn about why your wine may taste earthy, fruity or tarty. 
Wine Fraud of Rose de Provence

Could your rosé wine be fraudulent? The reputation of rosé from Provence is in danger as fraudulent rosé wine enters the market. 
Wine Tasting - Nose, Aroma or Bouquet?

Scents and smells attributed to wine are described by using various terms, the main three being nose, aromas and bouquet. Learn the basics here. 
A Review of Wine Presses

Wine presses have evolved over the centuries and the process has provided winemakers with the mechanics possible to create great wine. Follow their history here. 
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The term "unfiltered" is the direct opposite of filtered and refers to wines that do not undergo the usual filtration process that involves removing small particles... Read more 

Vertical is a process of tasting wine that includes wines from different years produced in the same winery. During vertical tasting, wine connoisseurs can identify... Read more 

Phenols are responsible for the red color in red wine. It is an organic compound released by plants and animals as a part of their defense mechanisms with a central... Read more 

Vin doux naturel is a type of wine that has a natural level of sweetness. This is created through light fortification with a spirit being added to the wine before... Read more 

The term Vintage is derived from the word "Vin" which means wine in french. It refers to the year of the grape harvest and for the production year of the wine made... Read more 
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