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Botany is the "scientific study of plants" which includes algae, lichens, moss, fungi, ferns, conifers and flowering plants. It also denotes the study of plant life, physical structure, genetics,... (Read on)

Past Terms: TorrontelDormant PruningSauvignon Blanc

What it Takes to be a Sommelier

Sommeliers often retain employment in medium to high level restaurants that carry a quality wine list. In other roles, sommeliers can assist private clients with stocking their cellars, work with event planners, work in hotels guiding diners on .....
Independence Day Wine Cocktails

Everyone knows about Sangria, and you probably even have a favorite recipe for it. And if you don't, then we have one on here for you, just in case... How to Prepare Apricot-Thyme Cocktail... The Basil-Blueberry Mixer...
Basic Tools For Making Wine at Home

Setting up an area with enough space and having a rough outline in the steps you will need to take throughout fermentation and later details such as fining, filtering, aging and bottling. You'll need carboys, acids, corks, bottles, a hydrometer.....
Summer Entertaining: Food and Wine Pairings of the Season

Melon and Proscuito Wraps are sweet, salty, juicy snacks and pair best with a dry Rosé; Provence and Languedoc-Rousillon is always my first pick for Rosé wines. While this is a classic pairing that can never go wrong, venturing out and trying something..
British Wine Business Is Booming

Wine trade in the United Kingdom has progressed over the years. Wine producers are becoming more experienced in the business of making wine, more vineyards are springing up around the country, despite the notoriously cold British weather. Granted, climat
Wine Ice Cream & Other Fun Ways to Enjoy Wine this Summer

For instance, adding a Cabernet Sauvignon to a dark chocolate ice cream is a good pairing, as the wine has bold enough flavors to contrast the chocolate; likewise a classic vanilla ice-cream will go well with the oaky and buttery flavor of Chardonnay.
Bienconvino - The Wine Specifically Designed for Food Pairings

Bienconvino, which translates into "good with wine", is the brainchild of Argentinian sommeliers Valeria Mortara and Mariana Achavál. This line of 4 different wines is specifically designed to aid in the process of food and wine pairing, and thus, each w
The Champagne Riots of 1910 and what Led to Them

During the early part of the 19th century, the region's wine grape growers and wine makers were in a row over the finished wine price and over grape prices, and the battle that ensued almost destroyed the region. The rift between the growers and wine...
Vermouth, From Medicine to Martinis

It reportedly first appeared in China around 1,000 BC as a propitiatory medicine for stomach and intestinal disorders. It later was traced to Greece, India and France, where other botanical components were added to increase its medicinal potency.
Winemaking 101: How Basic Wine is Made

Exactly how is wine made? Modern wine making is both an art and a science. Once the grapes are crushed and pressed, the free run juice or the must is allowed to start primary fermentation. The wine style being made dictates how the primary fermentation..
Official Bordeaux Classification of 1855

It was Napoleon's intention to showcase the best wines of his country in the 1855 Exposition Universelle de Paris. However, what happened at that event was nothing short of a defining historical moment for French wine, resulting in the official classific
Natural Polyphenols in Red Wine Contribute to a Healthy Heart

Red wine’s most outstanding health claim, over the years, is the heart-healthy benefits of high levels of polyphenols. Also referred to as phenolics and phenol, these chemical compounds largely contribute to the taste and color of wine, but they also giv
What Does it Mean to Let a Wine Breathe?

Letting a wine breathe is believed to allow the wine to soften and express its aroma and flavors, but the process and devices used to breathe wines are greatly misunderstood. It isn’t necessary to let all wines breathe, and in fact, allowing aged wines..
The History of Vitis Vinifera

Vitis Vinifera is one of the most widely cultivated fruit crops in the world today, and it is grown on every continent except for Antarctica. However, even though it is such a widely cultivated species today, we know little about its specific origins...
Cooperative Growers go Organic with Syrah Grapes

The grape Syrah also known as Shiraz originates from the Rhone region in France. Most red wines from the Northern Rhone are made from Syrah, home to fine Hermitage and Côte- Roti appellations, wines reputed for their deep color, flavor and rich tannin s
Why the 2016 Argentine Harvest was One of the Worst in History

The 2016 Argentinian varietal harvest has only recently been completed - more than one month late in certain parts of the country. The harvest was delayed due to heavy rains just before harvest, as well as poor weather all year round, resulting in longer
Discovering Italy's Island Wines

Italy is surrounded by 80 islands. Though most its world-class wine comes from the mainland, there are lesser-known varieties to be found at these often overlooked islands.
Contributions & Inventions that Changed the World of Wine

As early as 1000 BC, the Romans began classifying grape colors and varietals and recording flavor and ripening characteristics of different varietals. They also laid the groundwork for modern viticulture by recording diseases they identified, soil prefer
How to Choose a White Wine

All too often, white wine is considered light and highly drinkable during the warmer months of the year, however this mindset shortchanges the incredible world of white wines and limits your enjoyment in drinking and learning about white wines.
Red, White & Rose - What Gives a Wine its Color?

When it comes to making wine of the corresponding color, it’s not quite as simple as red grapes produce red wine, white grapes produce white wine and so on. In fact, of the three grape varieties used in the production of Champagne, two of the permitted..
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Wine descriptors are common adjectives that are used to describe a specific wine. The reasons that descriptors are important is because they can help the taster... Read more

During growing season, shoots form from buds in the axil of the leaf. The leaf axil is the point on the main stem where the buds or shoots develop. At every leaf... Read more

Cinnamon is a wine tasting descriptor used to describe the aroma or flavor of spice in a wine. The term cinnamon describes a specific type of spicy flavor,... Read more

In the context of wine making, yeast are the single-celled fungus that are the catalyst for turning grape juice into wine through the process of fermentation, as... Read more

Botany is the "scientific study of plants" which includes algae, lichens, moss, fungi, ferns, conifers and flowering plants. It also denotes the study of plant... Read more
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