WineFrog says "Enjoy wine on your Terms"

What is WineFrog all about?

WineFrog is a resource for wine lovers who want to understand the basics of wine. WineFrog will educate and enlighten you about the wonderful world of "vino".

Who are the principals behind WineFrog?

WineFrog was a dream of father and son team who have a passion for good wines. You get to hear about the lessons hard learned and experiences, both good and bad, we have had in learning how and what to enjoy. We love out hobby and we want to tell you all about it.

Dale Janssen - Co-founder Janalta Interactive Inc.

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Dale has spent a lifetime in IT. Heck, he graduated from university before there was even such a thing as computing science degrees. In the not-too-distant past, Dale owned and operated a national Microsoft, Novell, IBM and Cisco training company with offices across Canada. This company was eventually sold to Executrain of Canada, which in turn was absorbed by CDI College in Canada. He purchased and developed one of the largest certification websites on the Internet, and eventually sold it to BrainBuzz of Tampa, Florida. Since that time, he has started, developed, managed and flipped several popular web properties.

Cory Janssen - Co-founder Janalta Interactive Inc.

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Cory has spent most his career in the crossroads of finance, entrepreneurship, technology and online media. He was the co-founder of, a financial education site that produced content and tools to help the individual investor. Investopedia was sold to Forbes Media in 2007 and he now spends most of his time as co-founder of Janalta Interactive Inc.

Janalta Interactive

WineFrog is part of the Janalta Interactive network of sites, which focuses on creating highly insightful and actionable content within niche industry verticals:

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