Modern electronic devices and apps make it possible to research your favorite wines and learn about new wines in seconds. Wine apps allow you to browse through thousands of wine ratings and reviews at your fingertips and let you benefit from experienced wine pros and enthusiasts, along with giving you a place to store and share your own tasting notes and thoughts about your personal picks. Wine apps cover a broad range of wine topics, reviews and in-depth wine education pieces, and many include online communities and online marketplaces to buy and sell wine. With so many apps already on the market and new apps being released regularly, we’ve put together a list of wine apps worth trying.

Wine Quick Picks

Wine Quick Picks is a free app available for iPhone or iPad on the Apple Appstore and for Android devices on the Google Play Store; the app helps you chose and shop for wines with confidence. With a database of over two million wines, Wine Quick Picks makes finding a wine for any occasion as simple as possible. While the app includes searches that you can customize through sort and filter options, you can also peruse their fun top lists, like the ones below that are updated monthly:

  • 100 Widely Available Store Wines
  • Top 25 Widely Available Bargain Wines
  • Top 25 Widely Available Gift Wines
  • Top 25 Widely Available Dinner Party Wines

The lists are updated frequently, and new lists are added all the time. Wine Quick Picks is a user-friendly app designed to be used when you are shopping for wine and provides detailed information on each wine in its database. The app also features a handy bookmark, so you can create your own wine shopping lists with a picture of the wine label based on:


Designed by Applied Ambiguities, Corkz is consistently a top user-rated app. It's available for iPhone and iPad and for Android on Google. Unlike our first selection, Corkz is a paid app and costs $1.99 to download. However, it also has a database of nearly two million wines and over four million tasting notes, Corkz is an all-purpose wine app for wine drinkers and collectors, and it features loads of extra features like:

  • Wine cellar management
  • Social media
  • Wine places guide
  • Side-by-side wine comparisons

Corkz makes you feel as though your device is your own personal sommelier and lets you easily compare ratings, prices and offers educational articles, definitions and references. The cellar management tool is especially remarkable on this app, tracking your cellar purchases and teaching users about cellaring wines from other collectors. The social media feature lets you share your favorite wines while also letting you see what wines your friends are excited about. Additional features include:

  • Ratings
  • Tasting notes
  • Wine wishlists
  • Wine spots near you

Vivino Wine Scanner

Designed by VivinoAps, Vivino is a free app, but offers premium upgrades with extra features and is available for iPhone and iPad on iTunes and for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The app tracks and organizes the wines you scan and rate, with a fun chart that showcases your wine experiences. Vivino features an interactive community of over 14 million wine enthusiasts; you can discover new wines and see how you rank against your friends on the app. Vivino also features an online market place where collectors can easily buy and sell wine. If you scan a picture of a wine label into the app, you'll see:

  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations from the Vivino Community
  • Pricing
  • Food pairing suggestions

Whether you want to sell wine or research wine to collect, for dinner or everyday enjoyment, the features on Vivino offer you all the information you need to choose, record and share your love of wine. When wine labels or descriptions don’t offer enough information, Vivino tracks your personal wine taste profile so you can:

  • Remember your favorite wines
  • Avoid your least favorite wines
  • Discover new wines to try
  • Find the best wine deals
  • Buy wine online


From the makers of Banquet, the wine store app, comes Delectable, a free wine app available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Delectable helps you keep track of your favorite wines and learn about wine by following the world's leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. By taking a picture of a wine label, users can access:

  • Curated wine lists
  • Recommendations of new wines to try
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

In addition to the tasting notes and reviews from top sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros, Delectable also keeps your personal wine journal that tracks:

  • Your ratings
  • Your tasting notes
  • Locations and friends to remember great wine tasting moments

Wine Searcher

Designed by Wine Searcher LTD, this app is free, but also features a pro-version price search upgrade for serious collectors; this app is available for iPhone and iPad on the Appstore and for Android on the Google Play Store. With a database of over eight million wines, Wine Searcher can help you find more information about your favorite wines and discover new wines to try. You can either scan the bar code on the wine or type in the name to instantly find:

The app features a "My Ratings" tracker so you can record your tasting notes and lets you locate stores near you that carry the wines you find on the app and either buy them online or directly from the merchant. Wine enthusiasts can also increase wine knowledge with articles about: