Definition - What does Remuage mean?

Remuage is a French term for "riddling." This is the practice of turning sparkling wine or Champagne bottles while they are slowly tilted upside down in order so the sediment will eventually settle in the neck of the bottle. The sediment can then later be easily removed in the dégorgement phase.

WineFrog explains Remuage

Remuage is a practice done in the last stages of aging sparkling wine or Champagne before it is sent to the market. It is part of the Méthode Champenoise or Método Tradicional process.

A trained employee is the only person permitted to do the job of remuage. It can be a dangerous job working with Champagne bottles which are going through a secondary fermentation and contain high amounts of air pressure due to the carbonation taking place. Each bottle is held in a special aging rack which slowly increases their angle for sediment to settle in the bottle's neck. The bottles are turned a quarter of a turn each day until the sediment reaches the cork. In English, this process is called "riddling".

In some wineries, this can be done with a special machine.

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