Food Standards Agency UK

Definition - What does Food Standards Agency UK mean?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) of the UK is a department of the non-ministerial government that is in charge of protecting the public health in Wales, Northern Ireland and England which relates to food and wine.

The Food Standards Agency is also responsible for ensuring the wine regulations of the European Union in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being followed. Their tasks include the maintenance of the UK Vineyards Register, annual harvest production reports and the regulation of the distribution chain.

WineFrog explains Food Standards Agency UK

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) of the United Kingdom was created in 2001, as it was deemed unfit for the Fisheries and Food and Ministry of Agriculture organizations to be held responsible for the farming, processing, food safety and health of food and wine.

The FSA has the responsibility to safeguard the authenticity of wine and its quality and labeling. They work directly within the production and distribution chain along with traders to ensure proper warehouse bonding. They also inspect bottling plants and work with importers, wholesalers and vineyards. Much of their work includes the education of those people who are involved in these aspects of the UK wine industry and provide service to them.

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