Definition - What does Sylvaner mean?

Sylvaner is a modest, white grape variety that is grown in Germany and Alsace, where it is more popular with wine growers than wine drinkers. It is the third most popular grape grown in Germany, the finest of which come from the Franken region.

The German-grown Sylvaner has a well-rounded taste with minerality, herbal and citrus tasting notes, and the Alsace version is similar in that it has earthy tones with smokey notes.

WineFrog explains Sylvaner

This vine variety is planted widely in Germany and popular among wine growers because of its resistance to cooler climates, early ripening time, which helps with the long winter season and easier adaptability to climate change.

The limestone-clay soils in Germany help the Sylvaner gain body and structure, with the cool climate helping the acidity from falling. The Sylvaners in Alsace (and the few from Italy) are crisper and lighter than the ones from Germany.

Sylvaner pairs great with seafood, cream sauces, grilled vegetables and tartlets, with the aged versions contributing a more berry expression.

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