Definition - What does Unfiltered mean?

The term "unfiltered" is the direct opposite of filtered and refers to wines that do not undergo the usual filtration process that involves removing small particles or solids, as well as for imparting a clearer final appearance.

In comparison to filtered wines, unfiltered wines are a little cloudy and more opaque in appearance and may contain visible traces of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

WineFrog explains Unfiltered

Unfiltered wines are also generalized as "natural" or "organic" by winemakers because they are more traditionally processed and tend to retain the subtle aromas and flavors developed during aging.

Unfiltered wines are often considered authentic and higher in quality due to there deeper color and heavier mouthfeel. The unfiltered style of winemaking is mostly associated with red wines and can easily be identified on the label of the wine. In simpler terms, an unfiltered wine can be considered a first stage product, almost like the first pass of the apple juice making process. During this stage, the juice is cloudy because it hasn't yet been filtered. By the time the final product hits the shelves, you'll have the classic clear color usually associated with apple juice. The same premise is present in the winemaking process.

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