Definition - What does Cloudy mean?

Cloudy is a term used to describe wine when small particles are observed floating in the wine during the winemaking process. It is a characteristic that is able to be removed via filtering, fining and processes of stabilization. To some professionals, a cloudy wine is considered a faulty wine, however, others might perceive it as a wine which has not been over-filtered or stripped of its natural characteristics.

WineFrog explains Cloudy

A cloudy wine is one which is observed to be unclear in appearance. The wine may appear dull and have the inability to reflect light, but his does not always indicate an unhealthy wine. Such characteristics may indicate that the wine did not undergo filtration. With proper aging and cellaring, a cloudy wine has the ability to clarify, as time will allow such particulates to settle at the bottom of the bottle.

A cloudy wine may also be a wine which is experiencing "bottle sickness". This is a period in which the wine becomes unstable and appears cloudy following bottling. However, with some proper rest and cellaring, this is only temporary.

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