Basal Bud

Definition - What does Basal Bud mean?

The basal bud is a small bud which lies at the base of the older wood of the grapevine, the main trunk.

These buds are much like suckers, which form at the base of tree trunks. They have no main function for desired fruit-growing or canopy production and are cut away as soon as they form a small shoot.

WineFrog explains Basal Bud

Compared to other buds of the grapevine, such as dormant buds, the basal bud has no real desired function. In the case for grape vines, they can harm the pertinent function of the vine, which is to grow fruit.

Basal buds are also called root sprouts, water sprouts, adventitious shoots or suckers. They grow from the base of the main grape vine and should be removed as soon as they form a shoot, as they can divert the vine's energy to the sucker rather than to where it is needed; for canopy and fruit production.

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