Graft Compatibility

Definition - What does Graft Compatibility mean?

The exact definition of graft compatibility has been argued by several university teachings. A simple definition describes graft compatibility as the successful union of the scion (graft) and its rootstock.

However, other texts argue that graft compatibility does not refer to the success of a graft, but whether a scion is compatible with a rootstock which may be performed. For successful grafting, compatibility is one of four essential criteria.

WineFrog explains Graft Compatibility

Grafting compatibility is based on certain criteria and timing:

  1. The compatibility of a graft is defined when a close genetic relationship between the scion and the rootstock make the successful union.
  2. This compatibility is based on taxonomic limits, physiological basis and cellular tolerance or intolerance and anatomical consequences (inability to form vascular connections).
  3. Other challenges for graft compatibility is timing due to climate, technique, temperature, etc.

A successful grafting will progress into the union of the xylem, phloem and the periderm (bark). Much of grafting compatibility is due to the genus and species of both the scion and the rootstock, however, this remains as theory and is not 100% successful.

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