Material Other Than Grapes (MOG)

Definition - What does Material Other Than Grapes (MOG) mean?

Material other than grapes or MOG is a term which entails all the other matter from grapevines and even equipment; vines, leaves, petioles, picking utensils, trellis parts and irrigation components, that do not include grape yields. It is important to keep these materials out of the harvest so they do not damage the equipment during processing.

WineFrog explains Material Other Than Grapes (MOG)

Not only can materials other than grapes (MOG) damage equipment during crush, but such things as excessive leaves, vines, etc., can be detrimental to the quality of the fruit. The grapes can be damaged and/or bruised, and thus effect the final result of the wine.

The reason that this matter can get into the grape harvest may be due to the following:

  • The harvesting of the fruit late in the season when grapes are hard to remove
  • If the vines are stressed, the wood of the vine and leaves can break off easily.
  • Harvesting in wet conditions
  • Poor pruning practices
  • Poorly maintained harvesters
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