Definition - What does Estate mean?

A wine estate is where the entire wine-making process takes place in the same appellation. Estate wine is a very specific sort of wine, made of grapes grown in a viticulture area that includes a vineyard and a winery. Consequently, the vineyard where the grapes are grown and the winery where they are later used to make wine must be on the same premises. However, a wine may be estate-bottled or estate-grown.

WineFrog explains Estate

An estate-bottled wine is a type of wine wine that is produced using grapes grown in a vineyard either in the possession of a wine producer, or under a long-term lease that grants direct viticulture control. Each part of the process including: the grapes being crushed, fermented, aged and bottled, take place within the viticulture area.

An estate-grown wine is a type of wine that is produced in a vineyard within a winery. The only difference between estate-grown wines and estate-bottled wines is that the grapes used in estate-grown wines are processed in a different site, while that is not the case in estate-bottled wines.

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