Red Wine

Definition - What does Red Wine mean?

Red wine is a type of wine with a characteristic red color produced from black or dark-skinned grape varieties (varietals). Although most purple grape extracts are greenish-white, the anthocyan pigments present in the grape skin provides the red color to the wine. Extraction of flavor and color elements from grape skin, consequently, comprises an integral part of the production process. Typically, red wine colors tend to vary with age, for instance young wines are intense violet while mature wines are brick red, and older red wines are brown.

WineFrog explains Red Wine

The process of producing red wine is a time-honored and highly refined process of processing hand-picked or machine harvested grapes, inoculation, pressing and malolactic fermentation. Most red wines are also racked, aged and refined before being filtered and bottled. From the soft Merlot and the noble Pinot Noir to the versatile Zinfandel and universally-lauded Cabernet Sauvignon, red wines boast of rich texture and flavor, arising from grape variety, tannins, and even aging method.

Under moderate consumption, red wine has been linked to significant healthy hearts and decreased risks of stroke, diabetes and a host of other conditions. Various clinical research projects on phenolic compounds (Resveratol, for instance) and antioxidants present in red wine are studying its health effects. Sumerian tablets and Egyptian papyri (dated up to 2200 BC) contain wine-based medicinal recipes, making it the earliest documented man-made medicine.

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