Wine Grape Grower

Definition - What does Wine Grape Grower mean?

A wine grape grower can be an individual, a group or a wine business that grows wine grapes. As wine grapes are an agricultural product, wine grape growers have to have extensive knowledge about agricultural practices, winemaking, varietals and must conduct research about grapes, climate, and geology and soil science in order to successfully grow grapes. Growers must also understand the environmental impact of the vineyard, wine taxes as well as government regulations, labor laws and international trade rules.

Wine grape growers, have to work closely with Vintners (people who transformed grapes into wine), in order to ensure that the Grapes are harvested at their peak of flavor and sugar, to produce the best wines.

WineFrog explains Wine Grape Grower

Wine grape growers are typically incredibly passionate about wine and come from a long history of wine growing families. Growers must have extensive knowledge about how to grow grapes, which entails having some background in geology, pedology, and edaphology (Earth sciences) in order to yield a heathy crop and maintain vines throughout the years.

Wine grape growers also need to understand the rules and regulations that go along with wine making, distributing and selling wine. A day in the life of a wine grape grower could be spent amongst the vines, inspecting irrigation systems, fixing equipment, managing employees, speaking with vintners about wine growth and when to harvest, researching trade agreements and making sure that the vineyard is following all rules and regulations.

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