Loam Soil

Definition - What does Loam Soil mean?

Loam is a type of soil that is considered to be one of the best soils for growing grapes. It is composed of a varied percentage of 3 different types of soils that include sand, clay and slit. The characteristics of loam soil are known to be very fertile, thus it has to be mixed or blended with other types of soils for healthy growth of grapes.

WineFrog explains Loam Soil

Many experts in the vineyard business also suggest loam to be the ideal soil type for growing grapes. This is because the clay in loam allows it to absorb the right quantity of water and nutrients, whereas the sand allows it to drain well. These quintessential properties of loam makes it extremely easy to work with. In the United States most of the vineyards in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley are made up of Loam Soil. These regions are known for producing high quality wine grapes which naturally results in better wine quality.

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