Petit Rouge

Definition - What does Petit Rouge mean?

Grown in the unique area of Valle d’Aosta in Italy, Petit Rouge is a red grape that is used for red blends and red varietal wines. The Valle d’Aosta is in Northwestern Italy near the Alps and Piedmont mountain ranges. Here, the cool climate influences the grape, which produces a light, tart, crisp red wine that can be aged easily to produce sophisticated aromas and flavors.

WineFrog explains Petit Rouge

The Petit Rouge grape is grown almost exclusively in Italy and there is hardly any evidence that depicts it being grown in other regions. The grape is dark-skinned and is the most common grape planted in the Valle d’Aosta region. It blends well with other varietals and can be a large component in wines like Gamay, Torrette, Pinot Noir, Chambave, Enfer d’Arvier and Fumin. These reds all have distinct fruity and tart flavors that are partial to the Petit Rouge grape.

Petit Rouge is also known by several names, some of which are Picciourouzzo, Orion Gris, and Oriou. The wines made from the Petit Rouge grapes are light and best paired with lighter fare and game like lamb with summer squash and cuts of veal.

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