Bud Break

Definition - What does Bud Break mean?

Bud break is a part of a wine grape vines growth cycle and signals the end of dormancy after the winter. The annual growth of wine grape vines follows an annual cycle that is determined by the age and health of the vine, as well the climate of the region the vine is grown in.

WineFrog explains Bud Break

Bud break occurs in the spring as the vine begins to convert stored starch into sugar. Over the winter, the vine has laid in dormancy as do all deciduous, woody perennials. During dormancy, very little growth or activity occurs within the plant, but as the temperature and amount of sunlight increases in the spring, the plant begins its growth cycle for the new growing season. The first indication that the plant is leaving dormancy is when sap is seen dripping from pruning wounds. Next, buds begin to appear and then swell and open or break into new shoots.

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