Definition - What does Frizzante mean?

Frizzante is a term used often to describe a type of sparkling wine from Italy, typically an Asti wine. This style of wine is sweet, often used as a dessert wine in which the carbon dioxide (bubbles) is more subtle and used to balance the wine's sweetness.

Carbon dioxide is added to this wine via a secondary fermentation in a tank, much like the charmat method in France.

WineFrog explains Frizzante

Frizzante is a term which can be found on sparkling wine bottles originating from Italy, more specifically, on Asti Spumanti wines from the Piedmont region. While these are sparkling wines, the carbon dioxide which creates the bubbles in these wines are much more subtle than those of Prosecco.

These frizzante wines originate from the regions of Asti and Alba in Piedmont and are typically served as dessert wines. The added bubbles are added to offset the super sweet wines and make them easily palatable. It is a local tradition to serve these wines with cantuccini (similar to biscotti) cookies to dip in the wine and enjoy as a dessert.

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