Definition - What does Grassy mean?

Grassy is a tasting term used to describe wines that are aromatic and have a distinct smell of freshly mown grass. The grassy taste is made using unripe grapes and which draws its taste from the plant. Grassy wines are acidic or tannic in nature and lack the fruity flavors wines usually possess. Grassy wines have a strong and desirable flavor.

WineFrog explains Grassy

Grassy is considered a suitable complement to young white wine because grassy flavor is achieved through the use of unripe fruits in wine making. On the contrary, grassy is not a suitable complement to red wines because red wines are supposed to have a ripe fruity taste. The term grassy is often associated with sauvignon blanc, as it is the biggest determinant of sauvignon blanc. Sauvignon blanc wines are grassy with, gooseberry, capsicum or lime zest like flavor.

In order to naturally achieve the grassy flavor in grapes, the grapes need to be plucked during mid harvest season. Given that grapes fully ripen in warm temperatures, grassy wines cannot grow in warm temperatures. Grapes used in grassy wines are best grown in cool climates.

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