Definition - What does Pradikatswein mean?

Pradikatswein is a German wine classification that represents the highest quality. Prädikatswein wines are known to be very sweet, and at harvest, the grapes are classified into 6 groups of descending sweetness:

  • Trockenbeerenauslese
  • Eiswein
  • Beerenauslese
  • Buslese
  • Spätlese
  • Kabinett

This classification was historically called, Qualitätswein mit Prädikat.

WineFrog explains Pradikatswein

Pradikatswein wines are known to be of exceptional quality, with rich flavors, sweetness and aromas due to the ripeness of the grapes at harvest. While these wines are known to be very sweet, they must be produced naturally and are not allowed to undergo chaptalization, which is the process of adding sugar to the grapes during fermentation.

Pradikatswein wines are naturally sweet and have concentrated flavors due to their ripeness at harvest. Depending on the sub-classification, the grapes can be harvested when they are plump and juicy or have a delayed harvest and be harvested when they have dried and shriveled on the vine. The delayed harvest allows the grapes to increase the intensity of their sugar and flavors, which produces the exceptional rich Pradikatswein wines.

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