Definition - What does Robust mean?

Robust is a wine descriptive term used to describe wines that are intense and full-bodied. Robust wines explode on the palate with big fruit flavors, full body and high alcohol. Robust wines are typically the result of wine-making techniques that develop the full fruit flavor of the grape and soften the tannins.

WineFrog explains Robust

Robust wines have become popular both for their intense flavors and their high alcohol content. When a wine is described as robust, you’ll notice the mouthfeel is heavier and fuller along with the aromas and flavors. Either red or white wines can be described as robust, as wines are made specifically to have this characteristic.

To make robust wines, fully ripe grapes with a high brix are harvested and spend more time in the crushing process in order to extract the full flavor and tannins of the skins, fermentation will last until the alcohol content is 14%, the wine may undergo a secondary malolactic fermentation before being aged in toasted oak barrels. You will know to expect a robust wine when you see descriptors such as: full-bodied, intense, rich, dense and big on the label.

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