Definition - What does Growth mean?

In the context of viticulture, growth refers to the annual life cycle of the wine grapevine each year in the vineyard.

Growth begins in the spring with the bud break and flowering of the plant. Fruit set continues through summer toward veraison or ripening and onward to the harvest of the fruit. The process ends with the autumn leaf fall and dormancy of the vine through winter.

WineFrog explains Growth

Each year wine grape vines experience growth, unique to the vine and the climate of the wine growing region the vine is located in. The basic growth cycle of the vine remains the same:

  1. Bud break and flowering in spring
  2. Fruit set and ripening through summer
  3. Harvest and leaf fall in autumn
  4. Dormancy through winter, however many different variables can affect the growth cycle.

Wine grape growers have to take particular care of the wine vine through all stages of growth while monitoring the effects of climate and weather and warding off diseases and pests. Throughout the life cycle, viticulturists use practices like irrigation, vine training and canopy management to ensure the vine is healthy and strong to grow and bear fruit. How long each stage of the annual life cycle and growth last are determined by the charecteristics of the vine and the wine growing region.

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