Definition - What does Cellaring mean?

In wine terminology, the process of storing and protecting bottled or barreled wines from environmental influences such as heat, light, humidity and movement is known as Cellaring. Not only does Cellaring helps the wine from spoiling, but it also enhances the aroma, flavor and complexity of the developing or maturing wine.

WineFrog explains Cellaring

The practice of Cellaring takes place in wine cellars, these are rooms or halls that vary in size and are usually constructed underground to control temperature fluctuations. They ensure wines are protected for years to come by maintaining low temperatures, coupled with the right amount of humidity and least possible exposure to sunlight. The perfect temperature for Cellaring wine is around 50 to 58 Fahrenheit with humidity level of 55 to 70%. Cellaring is said to be beneficial for rare and expensive wines that tend to develop with age.

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