Definition - What does Nebbiolo mean?

Nebbiolo is an Italian red wine grape variety native to the Piedmont region. Nebbiolo is used to produce Ghemme, Gattinara, Barbaresco and Barolo, all wines that are regulated by the Denominazione di origine Controllata e Garantita, (DOCG). The wines made from Nebbiolo are characterized by their light red color, pronounced tannins and floral flavors.

WineFrog explains Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is often planted on sunny slopes; despite being the first of the vines in the region to bud, Nebbiolo is last variety to ripen and is harvested in mid to late October. The vine cannot tolerate heavy rain as it will develop coulure, and the best vintages of Nebbiolo are from long hot and dry summers.

The vine is planted internationally, but it prefers soils that are high in calcareous marl. Although the vine will grow in sandy soils, the grapes will not express their full floral potential if they do. The Nebbiolo grape is known for its high acidity, tannins noticeable tar aromas and flavors, combined with heady floral and ripe berry flavors. Wines made from Nebbiolo, are a bright, light red, but will have a deep red, and brick red hue when aged and can express earth, tobacco and dried fruit flavors.

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