Definition - What does Savory mean?

Savory is a term used to describe a wine which is opposite other wines with prominent fruit character. It is the opposite of a "sweet" wine. Other characteristics which fall under the savory category are wines which are described as; vegetal, herbaceous, dry, earthy, etc. If a wine gives the perception of anything other than fruit, it is considered "savory".

WineFrog explains Savory

Savory wines can range in many styles and from many wine-producing regions. However, in general these wines stay will range from "bone-dry" to "off-dry". This quality will rarely be found in sweet wines.

These wines will not have prominent fruit characteristics like berries, jam, cherry, apples, pears, etc. Instead, savory wines will present more earthy character like mushrooms and wet earth (Pinot Noir), or bell pepper, rosemary, and licorice (Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon). The simple difference, which is not an exact rule, can be the difference between Old World and New World wines. Most Old World wines are more terroir driven and showcase the land and minerality from where they originate, compared to their counterparts from the New World which are often more fruit-forward.

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