Definition - What does Big mean?

Big is a tasting term that refers to full-bodied wines with rich, intense flavors of ripe fruit and relatively high content of alcohol. The term is traditionally associated with red wines, as they contain ample amounts of fruit, tannins and alcohol that contribute the final bold flavor these wines are known for.

WineFrog explains Big

Big wines are made from completely ripe fruits and have high levels of alcohol; everything in wines of this classification is added in abundance. These fruity and wonderfully textured wines tend to make a powerful impact on the palate.

Excellent examples of these heavily flavored red wines include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignons
  • Zinfandels
  • Some Rhone blends from France

Because big wines are so bold, they are often paired with meals that are not excessively rich in flavor in order to keep the palate from being overwhelmed.

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