Definition - What does Lambrusco mean?

Lambrusco is a type of red grape native to areas in northern Italy. This grape is known to contribute towards the special color and smell of the wines it is used to produce.

Lambrusco grapes are particularly used to produce sparkling red wines. These wines have been famous for a long time for their berry essence and a purplish-red shade that is complemented with a very significant aroma.

WineFrog explains Lambrusco

Even though Lambrusco wine is considered to be sparkling red wine, it is usually not produced using the traditional champagne production method. The process of winemaking varies according to the region where the wine is produced. There are about five Lambrusco wine regions, each of which produces a slightly different sort of wine, varying in terms of dryness, color, sweetness and acidity.

Wines produced from the Lambrusco grapes are usually made using more than one type of Lambrusco. It is said that all over Italy, there are more than sixty different types of Lambrusco grapes. The most famous ones among these sixty grape varieties are Lambrusco Salamino and Lambrusco Grasparossa

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