Definition - What does Pubescent mean?

Pubescent refers to the hair-like growths on some plants, especially when young shoots or buds are forming. Technically, they are called trichomes and are found on the epidermis. They can be multi- or unicellular, branched or unbranched. Variations of pubescent growth depend on the plant and sometimes its life stage.

WineFrog explains Pubescent

The presence of pubescent hairs on a grape vine can be found under the leaves, especially near the vascular tissue (veins) where the xylem and phloem meet. These are believed to deter insects.

Depending on the Vitis species, the amount of trichomes and their shape varies depending on the structure of the leaves. Some are long and some are matted. One main function of these trichomes is preventing the loss of water. They also act as an insulating layer against extreme temperatures and damaging wind.

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