Definition - What does Succulent mean?

When a wine is described as "succulent" this is mainly pertaining to the body of a wine. It can be a red, white or rosé wine with medium to full body. This can come from higher alcohols in some wines which give the wine a fuller mouthfeel.

These wines are also often described as juicy or voluptuous.

WineFrog explains Succulent

The texture and weight (body) of a wine can change how the taster describes a wine. A succulent wine is one which has a certain texture on the palate that feels full.

To put it in terms of fruit, for instance, a young, just underripe strawberry can be tart and acidic, thus its body is light. When a strawberry is left to mature, the flavor is fuller as is the texture of the strawberry's flesh. Or in the case of a crisp peach; it will not taste or have the same mouthfeel as a tree-ripened peach that is juicy and fleshy. The latter will make your mouth water, therefore, it is succulent.

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