Definition - What does Mittelburgenland mean?

Mittleburgenland is found in the center of Burgenland in Austria near the border of Hungary. It has DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus) status and is an important region for growing the Blaufränkisch grape. The region covers about 5,200 acres from the foothills of the Ödenburg Mountains to the Günser Bergland.

WineFrog explains Mittelburgenland

The climate of Mittelburgenland is protected by three mountain ranges from the south, west and north and the lowlands of Pannonia. This makes for a warmer climate compared to other wine regions of Austria.

The region enjoys 300 hours of sunshine and up to 600 mm of rainfall per year. These conditions along with the soil made up of gravel, tegel sand and clay with banks consisting of coral, that can absorb and keep a fair amount of water is ideal for Blaufränkisch.

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